Be Expressive

Transformative experience

with Writing and storytelling


A new frontier in holistic well-being

Encourage. Empower. Equip.


We are treading on new ground and it is incredibly exciting.

Expressive writing, psychology and neuroscience have come to the table, collaborated, researched and documented.

The result?

A re-awakening to what our ancestors knew long ago as they gathered around nighttime fires, etched and sketched on cave walls and stone tablets: That writing and storytelling are transformative.

Be encouraged to explore this new land, be empowered by the restoration you encounter, be equipped to share, write and tell the story you carry.

With delight,


Would you like to…?

Expose and dispose lies in order to live your true story

Understand the old and unhealthy roles you play and how to break free

Decide who should hear your story, how much and when 


Would you like to…?

Release negative energy from pain, trauma and lingering issues

Awaken and experience your life from a new and integrated perspective

Establish a new bedrock of confidence and clarity

Business Writing/ Marketplace Power

Would you like to…?

Create an empowering atmosphere that follows you wherever you go

Get prepared and aligned for new platforms and opportunities coming your way

Establish yourself as an effective and wise communicator


Roots of Illness and Pathways to Healing

Would you like to…?

Uproot blocks to life and health flowing through you

Bring restoration to your family line

Discover the power of flowing in forgiveness and releasing judgments  



Birthing Your Vision

Would you like to…?

Awaken to the destiny and callings you carry in this season, right now—let’s find them a platform

Walk an ancient and sacred path to your unique purpose—the stepping stones are ready for you!

Rediscover and rededicate the most powerful resource you have

Life as a Pilgrimager

Would you like to…?

Move into your new spiritual land with the presence of peace and from a position of rest

Know your ‘bread’ for the journey; how to cultivate and sustain it

Release control, hold hands with grace and mystery




Discovery Sessions

Unsure of where to start?

I understand. That is why I’ve created Discovery Sessions.

Please visit the Discovery Session page to learn more and how to contact me to connect for the next step: